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bkSMS - Features
Send SMS from your PC to any mobile
Receive SMS to your PC from any mobile


  • 2-Way SMS messaging – Send and receive reply from the recipient to your PC
  • No Hardware Upgrade - Your existing computer is more than adequate
  • No more Sore Thumbs - Compose and Send SMS from your computer
  • Easy to manage Phonebook - Create and maintain your own groups of mobile numbers giving complete flexibility.
  • Message Log - Keep a log of messages sent, received, failed.
  • Scheduled Messaging - type your SMS and send later – set your preferred date and time for sending.
  • Autoreply - Auto-respond to SMS based on keywords in incoming SMS messages
  • SMS MERGE – Personalize each copy of SMS message (Advanced version)
  • Outbox - Allow you to have a final check on the outgoing SMS before you Send.
  • Sent - Stores all sent SMS for your reference.
  • Reports - Phonebook reports, Inbox, Sent, Failed messages reports for any date. Print reports or save to html, text files.
  • Import Contacts from Excel sheet into bkSMS Phonebook
  • Send SMS in Unicode (multi-lingual SMS) 70 characters per SMS. Send SMS in Tamil, Send SMS in Hindi or any national or international language.
  • Supports Google Transliteration IME Input method for entering transliterated text when sending / typing your SMS in your own language.
  • Send SMS in any numbering format.
  • SMS Templates - Create, Delete, Load and Save Templates. Store frequently typed SMS text as templates and restore them quickly in a single click to Send.
  • Import from Excel - Advanced Options -
    • Select/Unselect records after importing in bkSMS
    • Dynamically Add new number/record within bkSMS even when not present
      in Excel sheet.
    • Update Excel Sheet with Status Flag. This helps to resume (incase of interruption) SMS sending from Excel to send only to remaining unsent numbers.

bkSMS Software is available in different versions.
See below for the comparison of Features.

Features bkSMS Lite bkSMS Professional
Internet Modem
SMS Messaging thru PC Only Sending Only Sending Send & Receive SMS
Internet Connection Required Required Not Required
Modem Hardware No No Required
Phonebook No Yes Yes
Message Log No Yes Yes
Scheduled Messaging No Yes Yes
Autoreply based on Keyword No No Yes
Copy of SMS by email No Yes Yes
SMS Merge/ Group SMS No Yes Yes
Inbox No No Yes
Outbox No Yes Yes
Phonebook Reports No Yes Yes
Sent Message Reports No Yes Yes
Received Messages reports No No Yes
Failed Messages reports No Yes Yes
Daily / Weekly /Any Day Reports No Yes Yes
Reports based on Search Crieteria No Yes Yes
Send Reports by Email No Yes Yes
SMS Credits Yes Yes No
Flash SMS No No Yes
Sender Identification Custom Sender ID Custom Sender ID GSM Mobile Number
Missed Voice Call Log* No No Yes
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bkSMS Lite version is also available as MS-Outlook Add-in/Plugin which allows you to send sms by clicking on bkSMS icon in your MS-Outlook Toolbar.

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