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Email Extractor Apps for Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com, Office 365. iCloud and any email accounts. Now extract all email addresses from any IMAP email account. Extract email ids in From, To, CC, Sentmails, message body.

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bkSMS - Overview
Send SMS from your PC to any mobile
Receive SMS to your PC from any mobile


BSNL 3G data card

bkSMS works with MTNL, BSNL 3G data cards

MTNL 3G data card
BSNL 3G Data Card   MTNL 3G Data Card
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bkSMS can be customised to do the following:-

  • Send text SMS in Tamil, Hindi or any language using Unicode. Download SMS Software.
  • Email Monitoring with SMS Alert/Notification - Monitor MS-Outlook mailbox (Inbox) for a custom/specified Subject and Attachment and send sms alert when an email is received/not received.
  • Send SMS from SQL database - Connect to any database like MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, and send sms based on a criteria you define.
  • Receive SMS into SQL database - Automatically receive SMS and store into any database like MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle.
  • Monitor a text file for changes and if there is a change send the contents of the file as SMS to a single mobile number or to a group of mobile numbers. Contact us for any customisation of receiving, processing, sending SMS.
  • bkSMS assists you to rapidly connect with your customers and staff, communicate with them easily and cheaply no matter their location, using a technology that has become common place, SMS.

  • Short Messaging Service (SMS) has gained tremendous popularity in many countries and today, there are many corporations who are using SMS for simple messaging, communication, CRM and even e-commerce and transactional based applications.

  • bkSMS Software is designed for all companies, regardless of size. bkSMS is built with the intention to lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and can be used for multiple applications.

  • bkSMS is designed as an Out-of-The-Box SMS product. This means the fastest and most economical way for you to get your SMS system up and running in just minutes!

  • bkSMS is a fast and cost-effective way of communicating with geographically dispersed customers or employees.
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